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Anyone saying we can't pay for universal healthcare is just saying we don't want to.

It's not a statement designed to start a discussion about how to do a thing. It's a statement designed to end the discussion, by saying we shouldn't.

It's a compass statement.

We're still arguing whether or not we SHOULD care for the sick—or whether or not we SHOULD take necessary action against climate emergency

Stop arguing with people whose argument is "let's not solve the problem." Certainly stop supporting them.

Abandon them. Then defeat them.

Our nation's history is a litany of people doing unlikely and unrealistic things.

Our question isn't "should we only do realistic things?"

We're going to do unrealistic things. It's a question of which ones: helpful or harmful?

How are we going to pay for it? The same way we pay for everything we pay for now. With money.

Ask yourself "where is the money going now?"—there's your answer.

Is a $1T cash grab for billionaires 'realistic'?

Is keeping an indefinite wartime military budget 'realistic'?

Why is blocking impoverished children from school activities because of school lunch debt somehow 'realistic'

Or, back up, why is the concept of 'school lunch debt' realistic?

We don't feed our students in this country? Really?

Well then let us be visionaries.

Our current system turns mortally ill and suffering people into a profit center for an industry. Why is ending that practice 'unrealistic?'

We don't take care of sick people in this country free of charge? Really?

Well then let us be visionaries.

We're presently heading toward a catastrophic environmental collapse, the effects of which are clear and present and in our news feeds daily.

We can't address it because it would be too disruptive to the existing corporate power industry?

Well then let us be visionaries.

Anybody making an argument that amounts to "let's not address these problems" needs to go, immediately.

We can't spare any time for you or your nonsense. Sorry; it's just not realistic.

There's work to do.

The last Democrat who ran on sweeping change was Barack Obama and the last three that ran on wonkish centrist adjustments to the status quo lost their elections.

I am not interested in advice from somebody who thinks the lesson of Trump is “the spoils go to the timid.”

I don’t know if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren‘s platform will win, but I know that the strategy Nancy Pelosi is suggesting will lose.

Astonishing; warning *against* firing up your voting base.

People respond to moral clarity and vision and purpose.

Let us be visionaries.

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