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We all are going to pay for each other's healthcare no matter what we do, because we live in relational community together in ways that are inextricable.

Paying to care for all people's health will cost a lot.

The price we pay now for not doing so is much higher.

This freedom of self-sufficiency is a myth. It leads not to freedom but to subjugation.

None of us are self-sufficient. We all belong to one another.

Congratulations, I suppose, to my man who isn't infirm or sick and never expects to become infirm or sick, or care about someone who does.

By not providing universal health care the government forces us into a corporate system.

Not being affected by a government isn't an option. A government is simply how we organize our shared life. You can't opt out of being a part of a community.

The conservative worldview is an illusion, a myth, a lie. "No man is an island." Donne knew it in 1624.

There's no opting out of being in a society There is no "I earned it all myself."

Everything you have is a gift.

When did you *earn* that healthy body?

My ideology is for those with compassion and eyes to see the world as it is.

To live in a world where life must be earned is to live in a world where you'll eventually earn death. That wolf you ride is always hungry, son. Someday it will eat you.

Refusing to acknowledge the ways in which you are dependent on others doesn't make you free of that dependence; rather it turns the beauty of our interdependent shared lives together into a prideful cage of your own making.

Nor does depending on others make you less free.

The opposite, the opposite.

Deliberately refusing to understand economies of scale to own the libs.

People don’t believe in the myth of self-sufficiency so they can keep from availing themselves of the benefits of existing in a community. They do it so they can exonerate themselves for deliberately avoiding any sense of responsibility that comes with receiving that benefit.

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