Matthew Ball @ballmatthew Venture investor, strategist, essayist, that guy on Twitter. Former Head of Strategy @AmazonStudios, ex-Otter Media, @MediaREDEF. 🇨🇦 Nov. 02, 2019 1 min read

Worst part of this gripe is Hollywood is basically designed to greenlight Scorsese films even when the business case is really really hard to see.

Everyone wants to make these these films

Fact no theatrical studio did - at half Netflix's ultimate budget for the pic - is telling

In fact, the market (ie audiences) has very clearly said "No, 'The Irishman' does not 'deserve' a traditional theatrical release" (whatever deserve means)

The Absurdities of 'Franchise Fatigue' and Sequelitis (Or, What Is Happening to the Box Office?!) 

As for inane typo...

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