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If you want to win an election, the first thing you need to do is really tamp down any enthusiasm with your voting base, just douse anything that enthuses them w/cold water. Surefire method for success, low-information bandwagon voters really go strong for despondency.

Once you have your base good and depressed, next thing you want to do is to come up with a vague platform designed not to offend anybody, voters really go for that. If you can make it the same thing you've failed with before, even better, but above all remember: be uninspiring.

Once you have that platform nice and insipid, temper it with hefty doses of realism, and center your positions around what can't be done.

That's the way to beat a guy who's going to run on "I invented a gun that will cure cancer and make you a millionaire, let's burn a Muslim."

I guess what I'm saying is if Nancy Pelosi wants to remain a leader she should start being one.

If not, she should get out of the way for people who actually want to change our disastrous course.

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