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Apparently nothing agitates the cultists like revealing their God-emperor is a broke-ass conman with a repulsively fake tan, a first-grade vocabulary, and no beliefs except creepy affinities for a) his daughter, b) lying to banks and on his taxes, and c) sexually assaulting women

1/ Trump said he'd spend *$1 billion* of his own money (at least!) to win the presidency. Nothing in the world could have been *more* worth spending his money on. So why did he spend like $100 million, all in ways that he could get reimbursed? Could anything be fishier than that?

2/ He's admitted to Ivanka he's $8 billion in debt; there's video. He's testified under oath that he announces his net worth based on how he "feels at the time." He's hidden all records anyone could use to determine his wealth. The NYT called him the worst businessman of the 90s.

3/ He's literally *moving from the state he's lived in his whole life* to avoid revealing how much money he has. He became the first U.S. presidential candidate in the last 40 years not to release his taxes, even after he swore publicly that he would. He even lied about an audit.

4/ He regularly receives emoluments that threaten his presidency—because apparently he's desperate for the money. He lied about Trump Org doing no new foreign deals while he was in the White House—because apparently he's desperate for the money. He nickels and dimes *everything*.

5/ Trump's friend Thomas Barrack said Trump was so involved in the inaugural finances that he even wanted to know about tablecloths. He was acting like a penny-pinching grandpa who was spending his last dime at every second. Yet $40 million of his inaugural fund also disappeared.

6/ Every. Single. Thing. he does communicates he's wildly in debt and must save every penny he can—and his *entire history in business* suggests not just that he's insanely in debt but that he has to actually *commit crimes* to stay afloat. So why would anyone think he has money?

7/ The "assessments" his cultists quote as proving his wealth are (a) years old, (b) based on Trump's own representations of his wealth rather than documentation (and Trump recently told *53 public lies on a single Monday*, look it up), and (c) differ wildly in their conclusions.

8/ All Trump's foreign collusions—Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE—center on one thing: *money*. *All* promise to bring him money in the near-, middle- or long-term. So he's threatening his presidency and even his very freedom to get a little extra coin. Why? He's broke.

9/ That his fake tan is disgusting is provable, as are his past grotesque comments re: Ivanka, his lies to banks, that he's facing 20+ sexual assault allegations going back decades, that he lies pathologically to voters. The one thing the cultists can't accept? He's *also* broke.

10/ It's like the "final frontier" of Trump's con, the greatest con in the history of not just U.S. politics but all American history: the idea he has *any* money at all—and *isn't* simply floating on a sea of debt *or* illicit foreign payments he desperately has to hide from us.

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