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By the way, "transmedicalism" isn't just the belief that you need to have gender dysphoria to be trans, it is adherence to a system where a medical professional gets final say over whether you're transgender or not, even if those professionals are hostile to trans people.

For example, some doctors will refuse to treat someone who has a diagnosis of autism, some won't treat trans women who are attracted to women, some practice conversion therapy on trans children, and some ask extremely invasive or even traumatizing questions of a sexual nature.

The "transmedicalist" position isn't so much that you need gender dysphoria to be trans; it's much more toxic and harmful. It's more like: "I managed to get through this gatekeeping and hostility, therefor I'm a *REAL* transsexual, not like, ugh... those people."

The mindset is more that it's a badge of honor and validity having made it through a system that actively discourages people from transitioning and roadblocks them at every turn, because it gives them a sense of validity.

And let me tell you, I went through a hostile system to transition. The stress, the anxiety, the tears, and the fear I went through isn't something I'd wish on anybody. I broke down in tears at endocrinology appointments at points, I was openly weeping in the doctor's office.

I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone.

But that's what transmedicalism is. Only the strong survive. Only the people who put you through hell get to decide if you're really trans or not. And that abusive system? It's there for the best, to produce *REAL* transes.

Ultimately, it's the position that the person who gets to decide if you're trans or not isn't *YOU*


It also cannot be understated, that these systems were set up in the first place to produce trans people who fit the most rigid binary gender roles; straight, cis-passing, and traditionally masculine or feminine. Trans people that didn't challenge the binary.

Addendum 2:

It's been a glaring oversight on my part, considering how much weight has been an issue for people I know receiving trans healthcare, with people pressured to loose weight from endocrinologists, etc.

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