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An FBI data-dump just confirmed everything in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY about Prince's secret involvement in Trump's campaign and Flynn's efforts to collude with Russia. The rest of the book is just as sourced and accurate. I hope you'll take a look and RETWEET. 

1/ A key premise of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY was that the Mueller Report *didn't* include 90% of the intelligence the Special Counsel compiled. The FBI data-dump—in addition to everything else—*confirmed* that the Mueller Report was just the tip of an iceberg we still haven't seen.

2/ What PROOF OF CONSPIRACY did—in 600 pages, with 400 additional pages of digital endnotes—was fill in the 90% of the case file that's been redacted in a joint effort by the FBI's criminal and counterintelligence divisions. Much of what lies behind the redactions is in the book.

3/ Yesterday, BUZZFEED dropped the first of what it suggested would be nearly 100 (not a typo) tranches of material from Mueller's case file. It was 300 pages long, suggesting the material we'll be getting—BUZZFEED says "over the next eight years"—will be ~30,000 pages in length.

4/ No one wants to wait 8 years to see the full (redacted) Mueller case file, though—especially when a) 90% of it is redacted and b) everything we *can* see indicates a level of criminality/treachery even the highly damning Mueller Report only hints at. Thus, PROOF OF CONSPIRACY.

5/ PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is a NYT, WSJ, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and iTunes bestseller. But it still has been seen by far too few people. That has to change—because *everything* we've seen from the FBI confirms the book's contents.

6/ All I can do is ask folks to RETWEET the first tweet in this thread, so more will see the stunning facts in the book's 600 pages—facts that change the game on impeachment. If you doubt any of this, search the phrase "Proof of Conspiracy" on Twitter—see what people are saying.

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