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Now that we know just how much Trump conspired with Russia to attack America, I'd like to revisit my <THREAD> of Dec 11, 2016. Line by line. Because that story is now the subject of this IMPEACHMENT.

1. Obama and the Intel Community did *not* give up, as we can see. And yes, it was time to understand how Russia, the GOP, Trump, and others came to their decisions 2012-2016.

2. Yup, this is how Russia works when running Ops. Richly on display for many years.

3. And this is what Trump has done as president since Jan 20, 2017 on behalf of Russia. It is at a minimum impeachable.

4. Erik Prince pointed out to Trump that the 4th Gen warfare tactics of ISIS and Russia were successful in his 2015 emails to the campaign. And the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier has since lost a battle with a dry dock.

5. Russia: 100 years and counting of really clever covert shit that - oops - was a national suicide mission this time around. Sorry, Vlad! Ya pay to play!

6. The 1990s were such a mess that the Russian Mob took over Russian intel services and its entire government. And the world was never the same.

7. The Cold War, as we now understand, never ended in 1991. And it’s just now perhaps coming to a close.

8. Our current moment is what happens when the KGB runs an entire country while answering to the most ruthless Mob in history.

9. The West missed what Russia was up to until Alexander Litvinenko laid down his life (they hit him with polonium tea) to warn us that there was no difference between Russian Mob, intel, or government. And it took us 15 years to catch up.

10. The media started HOWLING at this tweet. After all, many of them were complicit. But now we know Wikileaks is a front for Russian intel, and Assange is charged with espionage.

11. Had they found WMDs in Iraq - or explained the more complicated reality - then the Intel Community would not have been as big a target for Russia/Wikileaks.

12. With regards to Manning/Wikileaks, 18 U.S. Code § 793. Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information is still not journalism. Neither is 18 U.S. Code § 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with access devices.

13. Manning is back in jail for continuing to defy the law, and Glenn was the *first* one panicking over this thread, calling me names the following morning. And he’s been obsessed ever since. I wonder why. 🤔

14. GRU, FSB, SVR and Putin must have cracked ribs laughing at how gullible our journalists were. Or maybe they used the hacked emails on them? Hard to say.

15. Snowden - and the media - CONTINUE to omit the million files from the NSA that had nothing to do with supposed US privacy violations that Snowden handed to foreign hostile intel agencies.

16. Snowden continues to work on propaganda directly for Russia, such as his “interest” in Catalan succession right along with Wikileaks and RT.

17. KellyAnne Conway said it was the microwave, but really, she knows it was The Great Toaster Hack. OWN UP, KELLYANNE!

18. Russian intelligence journalismed the NSA, but I repeat myself.

19. 18 U.S. Code § 793. Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information definitely applies to Brazilian nationals traipsing through Heathrow Airport with stolen NSA files. Nota bene.

20. Snowden managed to stay for days at Sheremetyevo Airport, which is entirely controlled by the Russian Mafiya. After a short stay in Hong Kong. Weird!

21. My pals in the spook biz who normally GLOMAR everything: “Hang him. He’s a traitor.” And we have SIGINT of the Kremlin enjoying this whole affair.

22. Chris Hayes should have Dr. John Schindler on again, apologize profusely for the ambush interview, and let the man explain the reality that is now evident to all.

23. He did call Ed a weird guy. Hey, remember when Putin offered us Snowden back and nobody was interested? Take note.

24. We now know the “Alt-Right” is the treasonous, Russian-backed right horseshoe, not a US conservative movement any more than Jill Stein is progressive.

25. It’s the media! They’re bad! You know, the ones obsessed with Butter Emails and who run Wikileaks’ propaganda! They’re liberals!

26. Do this for 40 years and you achieve the Chekist dream of telling a population that nothing is truth - everything is a fight against another faction.

27. See above.

28. Still true. And still trouble.

29. It wasn’t until Breitbart and others that they transitioned to straight-up Kremlin agitprop, though.

30. Not sure any of DC’s think tanks will survive the coming sunlight. Check their funding - on both sides.

31. Now they’re in the White House.

32. Anschutz, Mellon Schaife, the Moonies, etc.

33. That TV network ultimately has Sean Hannity, who conspires directly with a Russian intel Op, advising Trump on propaganda.


THE RANDY RAINBOW VIDEO WAS BRILLIANT. Come on KellyAnne, give me some credit if I was your inspiration! No royalties, just own up! You know I inspired the microwave thing! YOU OWE ME! 

36. Al Gore was also a BIG Russian “reset” fan with a lot of backstory…

37. We’ve all been to thanksgiving. You know what I mean.

38. Word was they were talking Iraq invasion in early 2001.

39. Yup.

40. Actually, this all makes sense today if you think of them as Russian client states. #HINT

41. Yup.

42. Yup, though I now know it was more nuanced than that - but it sure didn’t seem so for years.

43. You wanna talk about complicit media? Go back to 2002-2003.

44. They loved the Deep State back then.

45. Yup. Some people figured out how to make mad cash off the dysfunction of American democracy.

46. They did.

47. Yup. And the tribalism part was *really* dangerous in the long-term.

48. You know, I still have my doubts about Coulter’s patriotism. Just throwin’ that out there.

P.S. go back and look at the Democrat-hating best-sellers of 2002, and Coulter is at the top. In publishing terms, this means that as the hole in lower Manhattan was still smoking, she was writing about how to hate fellow Americans.

That's who she is.

49. Yup.

50. Some people were confused by how I connected these, but our apparent fecklessness was very satisfying for our enemy - the image that America wasn’t in control of itself, much less the world.

51. And nothing was so satisfying to our enemies than watch US finance explode. We have yet to expose all the Mob money that helped this along… #HINT

52. The timing was a little too curious. I still wonder who had short positions and whose capital was on those trades.

53. Obama governed like a moderate and they treated him like a Maoist guerrilla insurgency.

54. This is when America’s crisis of misspelled protest signs reached critical level.

55. His speech about racism that he gave in Philadelphia was brilliant - too bad we don’t remember it more often.

56. Yup. This was even *better* for business than Bush 43! For those who made money splitting the population into factions to the delight of our enemies.

57. Yup. As we now know, Moscow had the best conditions for Russian Active Measures maybe in its history, 2009-2016.

58. Yup.

59. Correction: They targeted Left, Right, *and* Center. The entire horseshoe.

60. Yup.

61. Yup.

62. Nope, it wasn’t too hard.

63. It’s when I heard New Englanders sounding like they were ready to join the KKK that I knew something had gone really wrong. Now I understand the active measures part.

64. Rush sounds like James Madison compared to Gateway Pundit. Think about that.

65. This is since the subject of a US Intelligence Community report.

66. All still true.

67. It is ironic, though now there are FARA registrations, as there should be.

68. RW media called 2016 the “rush the cockpit” election. Basically, this is such an emergency, kill yourself to save America. Sick.

69. Yup.

70. Overactive dopamine.

71. Right. Because they didn’t have “overactive dopamine production” to fall back on clinically to sound this way.

72. And this schism of the “two Americas” became an even bigger target for our enemies.

73. Of this list, only the Vatican is really getting scrutiny. The Queen is looking good.

74. I guess you guys didn’t unfollow! I had 5000 followers when I wrote this. LONG THREE YEARS, DON'T YOU THINK? 🙃

75. I still hate these early primaries. But this one was bonkers.

76. Jesus, that happened.

77. I had not yet learned that Bernie’s strategist Tad Devine worked for the same pro-Putin oligarch as Paul Manafort.

78. I didn’t think Bernie’s stance on heating oil subsidies were going to take the general election after knowing him for decades.

79. Yup.

80. NASCAR, grits, and Uranium One! When it’s really *Trump’s people* conspiring to give the Bonesaw Mafia U.S. nuclear technology. Always Be Projecting, traitors!

81. I think the recent FBI FOIA document dump shows how Russia hit overdrive starting in June 2016, leading us to the current catastrophe.

82. Well. Sorta sweetheart. If Russia screws it up, they could become world pariahs. Whoops!

83. Scenario 1.

84. America (Russia) Today, with your host, Cheeto Jesus!

85. I WAS USING UNDERSTATEMENT HERE, BY THE WAY. P.S. it’s not pee pee. Don’t ask.

86. Look at the picture of Trump on election night. Nobody was more surprised than that traitor.

87. I stand by the simile. And instead, for proof, look UP my timeline for the next three years. 🎯

88. Now you understand why the IC hated Trump - and Trump hated the IC. Cheeto Jesus knew that they knew. Everything.

89. So, what was Obama or Clinton supposed to do? Six weeks later we found out that Trump had been under six intel agency investigation for a whole year, and FBI investigation since July 2016. 😎

90. I have since heard idiots complain the USIC should have stepped into the race, and they are still wrong.

91. Obama warned Zuck, who told America to go screw. Our response is still in progress to his trash company.

92. Instead, we’ve rolled it out slowly over three years, while traitors kept trying the same tricks.

93. That story still never got a lot of play. But Dutch intel probably got it on video! 😎

94. One day, Obama will tell us some stories. I can’t wait.

95. Cheeto Jesus’ problems had only just begun.

96. Ben Carson at HUD, *after* he said he wasn't competent enough to be a cabinet secretary. Enough said.


THAT IS THE PROPAGANDA LINE TRUMP WAS TRYING TO PULL OUT THIS SUMMER. And now, he'll be impeached for it. And for much more.

98. I no longer salute Lindsey Graham.

99. Patriots stepped up.

100. I have even more hope now.

101. It was also the finest hour of the best allies any country could ever have - patriots from the UK, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand, Canada, France and more. #AllInThisTogether

102. We made it this far. Let’s finish strong.

103. That this system wasn’t broken by the last three years is the greatest testament in favor of its genius.

104. It wasn’t beyond repair, but it was infiltrated beyond our wildest nightmares. But FARA is cleaning that up. Every day. Check the database.

105. The Republic stands.

106. Our enemies hold up to us that mirror. All of that is true, all our failings. But our measure is in how we face them without flinching.

107. Indeed.

108. Among other failings.

109. We still are hypocrites in much. But we still move forward.

110. And we still have this mission. I’m still in - you?

111. They lose.

112. It still is.

113. Get a helmet and some Gatorade. We’ve got work to do. This time, with a bunch of traitors in prison.

114. #AllInThisTogether

115. Yup.

116. Yup. And we appreciate it more now than ever.

117. Because we now know, it's not just America our enemies wanted to destroy, but all civilization everywhere. They wanted Mob dystopia. But they are madmen - and we will never surrender our common future that promises more to all who dare to dream.

118. This is what our enemies would ruin - a nation built on immigrants. But they lose.

119. And it’s time to re-embrace our highest intellectual and moral principles.

120. A foreign-owned demagogue DID seize America. And we wouldn’t let go. Never will.

119. It’s still a time for patriots. I’m headed to the gym, though. And yes, God bless all nations and all individuals - not one person left out.

SO, DEAR PATRIOTS: It’s time to build a more perfect future in America. And the world.

Tomorrow, we begin in earnest. See you there. </THREAD>

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