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Had lunch this week w/friend I admire on startup #2 w/one 9 fig exit under belt. Explained my interviewing process so far & frustrations. He said: yeah, was there, is why I do startups - all hires after certain level in corp America are political, and no one wanted to pay for me.

It was interesting and reminded me of how our team on Analytics lost someone to Pinterest early on who was top of his game, and how (also Goog) lost Kevin Systrom for him to start Instagram (which he left too). Big corp def not structured to maintain certain type of personality.

My problem is after 2 decades in corp America have sunk cost fallacy/feel as if I've worked to get to a point I should get to run a team as CMO before own thing, b/c always wanted role. But possible role is pure politics so I'll never get it (am pure results, antithesis of CMO).

Still re: first Tweet. Friend is brilliant. Way smarter than any of us. Is insane corp America refused to give him opportunity. It's either a healthy function of capitalism (the incredibly talented person should run own thing) or corporations simply worship at alter of mediocre.

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