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Elon's vision of the future is coming together through his various companies 

Each helps the other....Tesla cars on Mars, traveling through Boring company tunnels, powered by SolarCity panels, sending coms back to earth via StarLink and NeuraLink

...supplied by SpaceX rockets.

The scale of the ambition is impressive. The lesson I think is that you can have any vision of the future you want, and take steps to make it a reality.

Most people don't believe they can change the world around them. Life is happening to them, they are victims. For those who feel they can, they often take suboptimal paths to create real change. They might write a post, give a speech, or protest in a march. That is fine....

....but it's often more effective to go try and build the solution. Organize a team, or join a team, that is trying to build a solution. Even if you fail, you will learn something that helps get you one step closer to the solution.

It's easier to criticize than to build solutions, but the latter can leave you much more fulfilled when it works.

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