This is because Google wants the Web to go through Google. It already mostly does (they have eyes on 70-80% of the web – the former stat from a Princeton study; the latter from my own web crawls).

And it’s not just the Web; they want your world to be defined & filtered by them.

And why? Because capitalism. Because you could be the best search engine in the world used by a billion people and if you’re not being used by a billion and a half people next year you’re deemed a failure by a financial system that has the same success criteria as cancer.

Look at any venture-capital-funded startup’s web site and ask yourself why “sign up” is featured more prominently than “sign in.” It’s because the service they provide is secondary – almost irrelevant (see “pivoting”) – what matters is growth. Exponential, cancer-like growth.

And what’s scariest about this Ray Kurzweil Cult Of Exponential Growth is that we live in a closed system with finite resources. Exponential growth with finite resources is a euphemism for extinction.

Capitalism is a species-scale death cult.

And technology is its multiplier.

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