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This matters for one reason: because Rybolovlev is the ex-boss of Israeli business intel expert Joel Zamel, and Kushner was in charge of deciding whether to use Zamel's services illegally at the moment he was with Rybolovlev; Trump's plane then met Rybolovlev's twice pre-election

1/ But my question to @mikercarpenter is, do we know for sure it was Dmitry Rybolovlev? I don't remember seeing his name in the 302s. Maybe I missed it? What page did you see it on, or where did you see it? If this is true it would be huge.

2/ I don't like that @mikercarpenter wrote this and walked away; those of us who've been researching this for years assumed the oligarch was Roman Abramovich (with her girlfriend, Ivanka's pal Dasha), because they've been on Geffen's yacht before and a "girlfriend" was mentioned.

3/ I understand some see some evidence in this Daily Kos article, but (a) that's not a proper source and (b) Carpenter implied he had this information from the FBI's 302s, and I don't see it there. For now, let's assume it was Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova. 

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