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Last week, a state court blocked North Carolina from using its Republican-gerrymandered congressional map for 2020, so the GOP-controlled legislature is doing this tomorrow. Background:  #NCpol #NCGA

North Carolina Republicans frequently have legislated by ambush since they took control of the legislature in 2010 & gerrymandered it to guarantee GOP majorities. Same NC GOP that's trying to hold a sneak attack budget override vote when Dems are absent

North Carolina Republicans will hold legislative proceedings tomorrow on drawing a new congressional map after their current gerrymander was blocked in court last week. Here are 4 maps I'd propose as nonpartisan remedies. Background coverage:  #NCpol #NCGA

I expect North Carolina GOP to draw a new "stealth" gerrymander that they'll try to use to satisfy judicial review. They appear afraid of appealing to the 6-1 Dem NC Supreme Court because they don't want to set a precedent in case they win back the court majority after 2022

Unsurprisingly, North Carolina Republicans aren't acting in good faith when it comes to redistricting. I know, you're shocked

Of these maps, the first one prioritizes not splitting cities, & it splits zero incorporated cities aside from Charlotte, which is too big for a single district anyway. The other three maps give higher priority to avoiding the splitting of voting districts

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