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Everyone needs to know that we do not use D&E procedures just for surgical abortion. Many people choose this to manage their stillbirth in the 2nd trimester. Also, with chorioamnionitis before 24 weeks this can be a lifesaving procedure.

You can't get skilled enough to do D&Es just managing stillbirths and chorioamnionitis in the 2nd trimester. The reality is we learn this skill doing surgical abortions.

I have had patients or their husbands say, "Why do YOU have to do the D&E" we don't want someone who does abortions. But the reality is it is me learning to do D&Es via abortions that allowed me to help women with stillbirths and those with serious infections.

Losing the ability to offer D&Es will happen if the procedure is banned for surgical abortions. This will lead to long protracted labors of stillborns and some women with chorioamnionitis in the 2nd trimester will end up with a hysterotomy or they will die.

A D&E is needed when there is an intrauterine infection and the pregnancy is in the 2nd trimester. Sometimes we can induce labor, but sometimes the infected uterus cannot contract. Some people also do not want to labor and want it done with.

It is very important to be able to offer D&Es to every patient who might need it. And while I hope keeping the safest abortion option for many people is motivator enough, I think people know that any pregnant person could need a D&E.

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