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Apple is currently featuring an app on the App Store that they just gutted with recent updates to watchOS. It cannot function because watchOS now tries to push apps out of background states, without any indication to companies like Cardiogram or exemptions.

I care about what has happened to apps like @AppCardiogram because I had health problems earlier this year, and it was a tool that I used both to help me determine when I needed help, and to assist my recovery — I’m still using it to return to normal. I can’t trust it now.

I tweeted out my story, and Apple liked it enough to request that I talk to them for marketing purposes. I felt that it wasn’t my place, because there are people with far worse stories than mine. But had I done that, is this how the Apple Watch would repay me, breaking my tool?

Building a developer ecosystem is complicated, and there are necessary trade offs. But if what Cardiogram built with Apple’s platform had become FDA approved, how would the FDA react to the scenario in which a medical device changed OTA and stopped functioning?

I don't know the full story of what is happening behind the scenes of the Apple Watch, but I believe it is related to this. It's not just Cardiogram. Apps like Gyroscope are now are facing aggressive computation & memory constraints on iOS 13 & watchOS 6.  https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/31/ios-13-2-safari-refreshing-poor-ram-management/ 

The continuous heart rate monitoring in Apple Watch Workouts seems to still work flawlessly in watchOS 6, for what that is worth to the anti-trust investigators 🙃

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