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This line of thinking must be explored more. A follow-up: "What if he shot 13 people? What about 53? Did you know he effectively argued in court that he could shoot 53 New Yorkers in the face in quick succession and not even be *detained* by NYPD to keep him from shooting more?"

PS/ In other words, this wishy-washy "What if he shot one person?" hypothetical is one Trump *created himself*, in part, it's now clear, to paper over his actual theory: there's *no number of people he can't kidnap, torture, and kill with impunity* under unitary executive theory.

PS2/ More follow-ups that must be asked. "What if he shot a family member of yours, but he had a good reason?" "What if he shot you in the heart because he thought you were holding Clinton's autobiography—instead of a cell phone?" "What if he shot your dog because he hates dogs?"

PS3/ More followups: "What if he shot just one person—and they didn't do anything—but he was *really really angry* and needed to blow off steam before making a very important national security decision about which foreign country to solicit illegal election assistance from next?"

PS4/ More follow-ups: "What if he didn't kill anyone *personally*, but ordered his driver to drive into a crowd of fifth-graders?" "What if he didn't *kill* or *maim* anyone, but came to your house, sat in your living room, and spent four years *lying to your face 13,553 times*?"

PS5/ More followups: "What if he bribed foreign officials to steal the 2020 election for the *Democrats*?" "Okay, now what if he bribed foreign officials to get them to steal the 2020 election for the *Republicans*?"

I mean, let's really let this cowbell explore the room, folks.

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