A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat Long past the age of maturity Author of THE REVISIONARIES Order: tinyurl.com/vdeohor Newsletter: tinyletter.com/ARMoxon He/him. Repped by @samroebuck Nov. 07, 2019 1 min read

I, a swing voter, am turned off by any sign of anger or antagonism, I will now cast my vote for the perennially happy and un-antagonizing paragon of sanguinity, Donald Trump.

I'm definitely a serious person who should absolutely be believed when I say that I *might* have voted for a woman, just not that one, that particular one seems rude. I'm definitely on the level. I just don't like rudeness.

Anyway, Trump's my guy.

Anybody who might vote for Donald Trump at this stage is such an noxious selfish asshole we'd do better to not concern ourselves with winning them. They'll certainly lie about their motives.

There are millions of people who didn't vote last time. Energize them. Register voters.

The first woman president will be elected without a single vote from anybody who would never vote for a woman.

We shouldn't want their votes.

We shouldn't even try to get those votes if a man is running. We should never become anything that would attract such people. Fuck them.

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