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Lessons from different fields:

1) Advertising: We overestimate our capacity for independent thought.

2) Poker: Life is probabilistic. We can do everything right and still lose.

3) Architecture: We're influenced by our environment, especially when we don’t realize it.

4) Sports: Momentum is the great equalizer. It strengthens the weak, and weakens the strong.

5) Logistics: Most of the economy is invisible to you. The world is way, way bigger than you think.

6) Politics: People's stated preferences can differ widely from their revealed ones.

7) Gambling: Don't give people consistent rewards. Vary the size and frequency of rewards instead.

8) Investing: A small number of events account for the majority of outcomes.

9) Writing: If you read what everybody reads, you'll think what everybody else thinks.

10) Coding: Don’t under-estimate the power of a computer with internet access.

11) Comedy: The deepest truths are hidden behind a veneer of humor.

12) History: The wisdom of civilization is written and forgotten, written and forgotten, written and forgotten.

13) Surgeons: In times of stress, use a checklist.

14) Nutrition: Eliminating junk is the fastest path to self improvement.

15) Restaurants: People over-estimate how much they value good food, and under-estimate how much they value ambiance and aesthetics.

15) Music: Many of humanity’s best creations are hundreds of years old.

16) Manufacturing: Quality and quantity aren’t always add odds with each other. Sometimes, you can have more of both.

17) Public Speaking: Laughter is the fastest way to create trust and connection.

18) Cooking: Your outputs are only as good as your inputs.

19) Private Equity: Avoid competition and remember that you’re not immune to base rates.

20) Growth Marketing: In the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies, customers become marketing advocates for the product.

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