Seth Abramson @SethAbramson @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Collusion (Simon & Schuster) and Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor. Lawyer. Nov. 07, 2019 1 min read

Police reports habitually describe someone under the influence of something as having "bloodshot, glassy eyes." It's a law enforcement catchphrase. I'm *not* saying he was on anything, but @DonaldJTrumpJr had the most bloodshot, glassy eyes I've *ever seen on TV* during The View.

PS/ A criminal defense attorney—as I was for years—will sometimes argue that *allergies* can cause bloodshot, glassy eyes. Conservatives are *famous* for finding that defense—when it arises—laughable. But I am certain it will be the defense for Trump Jr.'s odd appearance, anyway.

PS2/ The other defense sometimes used—though frankly, criminal defense attorneys in bench trials usually don't even bother with the allergy defense or this one without corroborating evidence—is that the person has been crying. But I don't think Trump Jr. would cop to that either?

PS3/ Sleep deprivation can also be a cause. Again, I'm not saying he was on anything and *am* saying there can be explanations for such an appearance that conservatives *never* accept but I do. I'm mainly saying—see for yourself—his appearance is striking: 

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