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The Kent Transcript: Trump engaged in conspiracy to weaken U.S. and NATO national security and American democracy, and did so benefitting Russia at every turn.

In late 2016 and early 2017, I wrote some very early, impassioned threads about the existential danger Trump posed to American national security.

Those threats have been realized for three straight years. 

As the testimony from Ukraine foreign service professionals crescendos, we see what Trump does to harm America in favor of his foreign masters:

- Corrode America's alliances
- Make America's word worthless
- Portray America as dysfunctional and corrupt as Russia

Trump isn't merely greedy, vain, or corrupt - he systematically attempts to damage all of America's greatest assets:

- Moral high ground gained after WWII
- Rule of law
- Freedom from primitive corruption
- Sound partnership
- Vision for a shared future

Trump's affair with Giuliani, Lutsenko, Parnas, Fruman, Sondland, Volker, Perry, and US media (!) conspirators exemplifies this campaign to destroy America's credibility, separate it from allies and partners, and weaken America in favor of authoritarians.


Like always, Trump fights the truth from coming out.

Kent is one of our top diplomats anywhere, and a peerless expert on Ukraine and security policy in this region.

Kent, like Yovanovitch, is one of the State Department's go-to professionals for critical hardship posts. He's a national security asset.

Family tradition of national service. Damn straight.

Kent's gig, like Yovanovitch's, was no easy one: turn complex countries in transition into allies of Western democracy - while authoritarians pull the other direction through corruption.

Kent is clear: Ukraine is on the border of NATO, Russia has declared war on it, and Ukraine's success is NATO's security.

Like all those who oppose Russian aggression, Kent knows that you can expect orchestrated campaigns of disinformation and character smears.

Of course the key issue is the presence in Ukraine of RUDY GIULIANI, the president's supposed "attorney."

Giuliani's presence in Ukraine pre-dates his "work" for Trump by many years - certainly pre-dating Trump's election.

Once Democrats were poised to take chairmanship of committees like HPSCI, Giuliani's interest in the country became intense.

And Giuliani gravitates toward the notoriously corrupt. In many countries, it seems.

Ukraine's Interior Minister was clear on why Giuliani was in his country: to orchestrate PROPAGANDA. Toward the United States Government itself.

Not everyone in Ukraine was happy to see Giuliani.

Giuliani's co-conspirator Lutsenko was a guy without a law degree in charge of Ukraine combination version of FBI and DOJ.

There's the timeless Russian tradition of fake opposition after a popular uprising.


And The Hill's John Solomon helped push the narrative.

The Hill was pushing propaganda straight from this corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor - in concert with Giuliani.

And it doesn't even appear that the forgeries were even done by Americans.

(Note: syntax analysis is an intelligence technique to guess the origin of a non-native speaker of English, who often use foreign grammar or word order.)

Fox News joins The Hill and Giuliani is damaging the credibility of the U.S. State Department in a country under attack by Russia. This is echoed in some Ukrainian outlets.

The Fourth Estate may be taking the Fifth Amendment, not besmirching the First.

Social media is *critical* to proliferating these propaganda narratives. Here, Twitter is referenced.

Giuliani's Ukrainian partner Lutsenko gets hammered and starts complaining to his countrymen that the U.S. Embassy isn't into U.S. partisan politics enough for his liking. Even when he has U.S. media on his side! Imagine!

And here's why Mobsters didn't like the new anti-corruption initiative in Ukraine, supported by the U.S. Embassy - IT WAS ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION.

Also part of this propaganda conspiracy? Donald Trump Jr.


We needed our Executive Branch to defend this critical U.S. *national security asset*= our credibility.

Because check it out: if a country cannot believe that a U.S. Embassy carries the true perspective on American policy, then they're no better than tourists.

Their promises mean nothing. Treaties? Line bird cages with them.

This is no bureaucratic detail.

Trump's hotel magnate cronies say that the Ambassador should *support Trump* not the other way around.

Amb. Yovanovitch should tweet support, you know, so it looks good. 😠😠😠

Schiff makes a fine point of it: So the SecState didn't defend his own department from Giuliani's conspiracy?

Nope. Maybe she should get a Twitter account or something. 😠

Kent reports the same hot garbage about Trump's shakedown of a newly-elected head of state.

Like most actual U.S. Government professionals, he supports the rule of law around the world.

Meanwhile, the foreign-spawned campaign of disinformation keeps pouring out of US media.

Giuliani goes all out, and declares that the U.S. pulls its own ambassadors because they aren't partisan enough.

A damnable lie.

Bill Taylor comes on board, and Kent gives it to him straight - this is an ugly mess.

And the list of Giuliani's foreign co-conspirators continues to grow.

Enter the Indicted Dynamic Duo, Parnas and Fruman.

With U.S. diplomacy hobbled after Giuliani's attack - WHICH GIULIANI HIMSELF SAYS WAS FOR TRUMP'S PRIVATE BENEFIT - his Mob companions move in.

We all know about the shakedown of Zelenskyy - no Biden investigation at the UN on CNN? No antitank missiles. While Russia waits for an opportunity.

Why did these Ukrainians conspire with Giuliani to remove Yovanovitch? Kent sums it up: Her commitment to the rule of law cost him a job, so he aimed to harm U.S. national security.

And Trump & Company helped.

There are more details, but let's not miss the forest for the trees.

Trump is a lawless threat to national security who has betrayed his oath and his country. He must be held to account.

Only America's enemies benefit from Trump's continued profanity in the Oval Office, chief among them: Russia.

And so now we impeach Trump. Legally. With due process.

This impeachment will not override the election of 2016 - it will hold a public servant accountable under the Constitution.

Because we are *not* like Russia and the lawless places it would use and abuse.


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