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I don't know what else I can do right now, I've been trying my best and working really hard to get partner on Twitch, but it's seriously tough going and feels like an uphill struggle at times to sustain viewers long time. Please do me a follow on Twitch: 

It feels like I've made a huge amount of progress this year, building up an audience and getting regular viewers, only for that progress to just stall unexpectedly. I'm falling short, and asking for RTs when I go live doesn't seem to be helping at all. It's frustrating tbh.

I know there's stuff I could be doing, like reaching out to bigger streamers for a boost, but I'm nervous of that because I also don't want to attract the wrong audiences, as I'm trying to build a far more relaxed and LGBT friendly channel, and I don't want to compromise that.

I also know that I'm probably shooting myself in the foot because I don't want to show my face, and well... I do plan to stream wearing a fursuit head once I get it, but I still don't know when that will be, and I'll also have to invest in a decent webcam too. In time.

It probably doesn't help too much that I focus more on indie games, rather than whatever happens to be popular. I do want to play what I'm genuinely passionate about. It seems maybe I'm unwilling to make any compromises?

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