A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat Author of THE REVISIONARIES, coming 12/3/19 Pre-order: static.mhpbooks.com/the-revisionaries/ Newsletter: tinyletter.com/ARMoxon He/him Repped by @samroebuck Nov. 08, 2019 1 min read

PLAYTIME is, in my opinion, quite something.

From a first watch, I'd probably go with 3.5 stars.

But I suspect if I watched it 3 times it would be 4.5 stars.

And if I watched it 10 times it might become one of my favorite films ever.

It's like Robert Altman co-directed with Stanley Kubrick.

The nightclub sequence is the comedic version of the last half of Aranowski's "mother!"

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