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Billionaires weighing in against Warren/Sanders and getting into the race as spoilers isn't an indication that billionaires think a progressive message wouldn't beat Trump, but rather that they think it can.

We all get that, right?

Billionaires and their surrogates out there saying the "let's tax billionaires" movement is dangerous. They say it's because it *can't* win.

But not being able to win wouldn't make it dangerous to billionaires. You don't fear the caged tiger.

It can absolutely win.

The pro-billionaire perspective is pretty obviously, "oh shit this thing could win."

Running a stable pro-billionaire candidate against an unstable pro-billionaire candidate is their clear preference.

Because then they won't care who wins.

We're all clear on this, right?

The reason the donor class wants Biden to be the nominee has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they think he's electable. Can he win? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares? Not them.

Pro-billionaire vs. pro-billionaire = win.

We all realize this, right?

Now obviously *you or I* might care which wins, because Trump is an authoritarian freak who endangers us all and a bigot who empowers bigots.

But billionaires won't care.

What they fear is an anti-billionaire platform.

And they don't fear it because they think it will *lose*.

Billionaires have resources to conduct very accurate risk-assessments, and they clearly see a Warren or Sanders presidency as a *massive* risk ... of winning.

They also have resources to produce propaganda convincing us the opposite is true.

Tell me we're all clear on this.

Here's what I am saying about this "feasibility" argument:

Billionaires clearly see it as a feasible threat.

Take that for what you will.

I guess my conclusion is that even if your ONLY priority is to win the presidency away from Trump, there is a message that billionaires sure seem to think will win, based on the extent they're going to prevent it, and you'd probably do well to put your energy behind it.

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