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Listen up, @RealClearNews, you better retract *right now* your claim that I said Donald Trump Jr. was "on drugs" on The View. Read the damn tweet below a *second time*, amateurs.

It's no coincidence, is it, that RCP deliberately misquotes me 24 hours after I criticize them here.

1/ Here—below—is @RealClearNews deliberately misquoting me as retribution for me tweeting on October 8 (based on an article in THE DAILY BEAST), "A warning to readers of @RealClearNews: apparently it's a front for one of the most vile fringe-right Facebook pages on the internet."

2/ This is a good indication of where we've gone wrong as a culture: in this thread you have people...actual human people...reading the first tweet in this thread and saying "You _did_ say he was on drugs." Apparently me putting *asterisks* around the word "not" was insufficient.

3/ Moreover, I followed my original tweet with a *whole thread* about how law enforcement often says people are on drugs if they have bloodshot, glassy eyes when there are *many* other reasons it might happen. And I then listed all the damn possibilities! These folks are amazing.

4/ If I think a person is on drugs, I'll *say* it. The idea that after years of being unbelievably blunt on Twitter I'm going to suddenly pull punches—and over *Donald Trump Junior* of all people—is ridiculous. I've *never* made accusations about Don Jr. and drug use on my feed.

5/ RCP doesn't just want to write a news story about Trump Jr.'s appearance on the view—and there'd be plenty to write about there—it wants to smash-cut in mid-article to a misquote-heavy thinkpiece about the outrageous conduct of (as they see it) leftists. That's not journalism.

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