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I want to share a blog post I wrote in 2016—the 1st post on this blog. It's about how I was had written a book, and hoped maybe someday it would get published.

I'm sharing it because I think today I might just be getting the finished hardcover.  http://www.armoxon.com/2016/09/enough.html 

The part that really struck me today:
"One thing that can't be said anymore is that the book will be something I always talked about but never got around to writing. It is written. It happened. It's done. It's what I wanted it to be, and I had a hell of a lot of fun writing it."

"I didn't start writing by convincing myself it would be successful. I did it by changing the measure of success.

So what is success?"

"Here's what success looks like for me:

I go to bed around 10:00 pm. I wake up around 4:00 am and make coffee. I go down to my computer and I write until 6:00. Then it's time to get the day started. Breakfast. Kids to school. Me to work."

"It's enough."

"No—that doesn't get at it. It's more than enough. It's wonderful.

I don't have to do this. I *get* to do this."


Still true.

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