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"nationalist" is the word neo-Nazis use to describe themselves.

Like many other words used to describe themselves, President Trump embraces it, Encouraging millions of other Americans to do the same.

To be clear, President Trump uses the exact same phrases as neo-Nazis, white nationalist, and white supremacists.

They love him for it.

Full thread here. It’s about ayear old, so take as writ there’s been much more since.

Do you know the difference between someone who says what Nazis say and does what Nazis want done, and a Nazi?

I don’t.

Gonna defend the book? OK.

I haven’t read it yet.

But it is *a case for nationalism*

While pondering that, ponder this: Trump wasn’t praising the book. He was praising somebody bringing the *word* back.

You don’t have to ask yourself ‘back from where?’

we know where

If there were a book titled “A Proposal For A Final Solution,” and the president United States wrote “great job bringing that phrase back into the mainstream—an important book!”

That would be alarming.

This is just as alarming.

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