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Tech moat example: Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) allows reuse of the same spectrum at the same time. Like high-intensity spotlights illuminating discrete objects in a dark theater, beamforming antennas focus on targets without illuminating adjacent users. 

"The cost of array elements drives the system cost for any beamforming array. MIMO arrays require a full DSP radio behind every element. Phased arrays require a phase shifter and power amplifier for every element."

Metamaterials science is the strategy. 

The importance of antennas that harness space as a dimension is poorly understood. Why are you able to *affordably* watch videos on your phone?

"[Over 9 previous years] data consumed per wireless device has increased 89-fold, while average revenue per device has dropped 12.6%."

The data consumption figure in the previous tweet is from Craig Moffett. Others have data on mobile operator capital requirements for densifying networks. Improving antenna technologies is a critical part of keeping densification costs at reasonable levels. 

Goldman (September 2019) : "Mobile operator's could see up to 50% capex savings and 35% opex savings in the long term. The shift from selling and servicing specialised hardware to providing software could pose significant challenges to wireless vendors.”

TAM is huge.

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