Li Jin @ljin18 Consumer investing @a16z. Beijing born + Midwest bred. MBA dropout. Alum: Product @shopkick, stats & English lit @Harvard. Lifelong artist. Loves tech & corgis. Nov. 09, 2019 1 min read

As we shift from ad-supported media to direct monetization from users (a key business model shift that enables the Passion Economy & creators turning their passion into livelihoods), the KPIs that matter also shift:

In the ad-supported world, what mattered was:

- DAU/MAU (more frequency = coming back for ads)
- Session length (more time = more ads viewed)
- Logged in users (for better targeting of ads)

In the new world where creators are earning an income directly from their fans/supporters, new metrics matter:

- Conversion of free fans to supporters/subscribers
- # Creators earning revenue
- MRR and ARR
- Avg. price point (do you need 1000 True Fans or just 100?)

When the paradigm changes, what you measure changes too.

What else would you add?

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