Rebecca J. Kavanagh @DrRJKavanagh @theappeal Media Relations Director, NYC Public Defender, Writer, @nyulaw, @sydneylawschool, @sydney_uni. Sydney ✈️ NYC. Views my own. she/her/hers Nov. 10, 2019 1 min read

Yesterday, I described police grabbing a group of Black children trick or treating in a gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, loading them into unmarked cars and taking them to the local precinct.

Now, a witness reports having seen one of those unmarked cars hit one of the children.

Multiple witnesses also describe the police officers pulling out their guns on the children. 

Police later claimed the children "fit the description" of a suspect wanted in a cell phone robbery, but each of the children arrested, ages, 12, 13 and 15, look completely different, the only common denominator being that are Black.

My original tweet.

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