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1/A story of PATIENCE
—and a brilliant perfectionist engineer

A perfectionist engineer wanted to inspire her daughter—
so she always built things at home + had her help.

It started with Legos, robots + coding

—BUT each had to be PERFECT
or the engineer mom would get upset...

2/ Wanting to teach her daughter a LESSON she went back to old roots of hand crafts & the creativity from limits.

They would build a golden well—using exactly 100 bricks

So they sketched plans, made calculations, designed angles to make a gold well using EXACTLY 100 bricks...

They bought gold paint
carefully painted each brick
+ placed each one in its place

Just as they finished—the daughter held up 1 extra gold brick

The perfectionist engineer was confused + angry!

She grabbed the brick
& THREW it out the backyard
as high + far as she could—

4/ Every generation needs to be reeducated about supernatural gobbledygook.

Today to my dismay astrology is back.

There were a bunch of teenagers on a city bus.

They were noisily switching between making TikToks + Astrology apps + teaching eachother supernatural nonsense...

5/ Sitting across from the teenagers: a woman with a dog.

She complains about how loud the teenagers are
& how absurd astrology is.

The teenagers complain about the womans’ barking dog.

The woman grows angry
grabs two of their phones
and throws them out the window!

Two of the teenagers grab the dog
+ throw it out the bus window

Everyone sits in shock

Finally the woman says
I cant believe i did that
I am SO sorry
The teenagers effusively apologize too

At the next stop
they hear commotion
look out the window
and WHAT do they see?!..

You guessed it.

Running to them alongside the bus.

Is the woman’s dog.

And guess what it had in its mouth?...

8/ ...a gold BRICK.🍯 🧱


9/ Inspiration came from last week’s Watchmen.

It’s an old trope called the Brick Joke with lots of variants using delayed punchline with a boomerganging misdirection—and a return.

And this EXCELLENT (no brick joke)

reveal of how an astrologer duped true believers....

10/ This astrologist was a 19yo student scientist—who basically got into it for money—and was intoxicated by the attention when coincidence made her clients think it was real...

11/ “modern astrologers use EARTH-CENTRIC charts....
that’s only the start of the scientific problems”

“Astrology is one big word association game”

“New Agers don’t build hospitals—they buy self-actualization at the cash register”...

12/ “Half the time I couldnt get a word in—it turned out what most people want is the chance to UNLOAD for an hour”

“...the range of problems is limited: romance, work, courage for change...”

“It’s UNCERTAINTY that drives people into ‘woo’—so i’m not surprised millenials do it”

13/ “A forecast: the VC funding astrology apps will make a fortune telling system that works, b/c humans are predictable.

...They’ll be hugely popular.

...Because if you sprinkly magic on top—you can sell people anything”


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