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Remember when ABC World News Tonight was broadcasting from inside the exciting launch of their sister Fusion TV network? Am excited for whatever slow-burn memes Disney has planned for tomorrow.

It took like 4 minutes after I tweeted that for the local news affiliate drones to start peddling tomorrow’s ‘exciting’ launch of Disney+ at the 4pm slot. Literally an entire virtual set of Disney logos 😅

It’s easy to build a Netflix competitor 🙃  https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/12/disney-plus-experiences-errors-connecting-on-launch-day.html 

At least the monopolies are fun

Feeling for the BAMTech engineers that had to race and lose sleep for Disney's ridiculous timeline and posturing of the Disney+ launch. You can't build a Netflix overnight, even w/ the MLB & HBO experience. They tried, & will get better, but the problems are at the top.

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