Seth Abramson @SethAbramson Attorney. @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of a book on Trump's Iran policy, Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor. Nov. 12, 2019 1 min read

IMPORTANT: The question everyone should be discussing on TV now is, if Trump insisted on, Manafort offered to, and Manafort did in fact keep Trump apprised of his campaign's contacts with WikiLeaks, why the HELL wouldn't Manafort have done the same with his collusion with Russia?

IMPORTANT2: Mueller's report was a jawdropping tale of Trump campaign collusion with Russia that couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt as conspiracy because witnesses obstructed justice/withheld evidence. A throughline: Trump saying he knew of none of it. That was a *lie*.

IMPORTANT3: Trump's more than a dozen public acts of witness tampering, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and perjury all suddenly make PERFECT sense if you understand that Trump knew about EVERYTHING Manafort was doing with WikiLeaks and Russia... and had to hide it.

IMPORTANT4: And the worst part of all this is that the Kremlin ALSO knows what Trump and Manafort did. Which is why the Ukraine scandal is about Trump searching for a way to exculpate Russia and Manafort so Manafort won't "flip" on him and Russia can help him win election again.

IMPORTANT5: I've learned that no matter what is done to curate major-media evidence showing the Ukraine scandal isn't about a single call or Biden or one act of fraud, there's no way even some of the smartest people in America will get it. I just hope people *outside* media will.

IMPORTANT6: We like to think only diehard Trump voters are being conned, but every day those in print/TV media fall for the Trumpist line that this is just about a phone call rather than a years-long course of conduct involving Trump, Manafort, and Russia, Trump's con *expands*.

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