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Writing my next long-form essay.

20,000 words.

I'll show how the media works by focusing on ideas like pseudo-events, Mimetic Theory, Gresham's Law, Russell Conjugation, and common knowledge.

Then, I'll introduce a new idea called The Triangle of Information Flow.

Can't wait.

Every essay makes me feel like a new human.

Once I commit to a new essay, I become a whole new person.

I literally need time to change my identity.

It's been one month since my last essay, but I'm finally obsessed with a topic again.



I'm learning to balance being a creative person and a business owner.

I have ~200 students in 28 countries who need my attention.

In the mornings, I have to be open and creative.

In the afternoons, I have to be rigid and operationally efficient.

That's the challenge.

Write of Passage has insane momentum.

You can feel it.

It's destined to become a global writing community with thousands of members.

When your business has this much momentum, you have to put your foot on the gas — which makes it hard to write.


Like all schools, Write of Passage is a service business.

I want the customer experience to someday resemble high-end restaurants and hotels.

Our attention must be on the needs of students.

We want them to be challenged, but never confused.

Happy, but never too relaxed.

Come January, I'll also be running a fellowship.

In just three months, 10 fellows will publish 200,000 words combined (the equivalent of ~3.5 books).

Across my students, my fellows, and my own essays, I'll help write more than 1 MILLION words in 2020.


The irony here doesn’t escape me.

I run a writing course and I’m tweeting about how hard it is to find time to write.

But writing is important but not urgent, while operations are important and usually urgent.

I need to take my own advice: block off 90 minutes to write daily.

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