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Here is how to stop a civil war on Abortion:
Mind your own uterus.
Follow evidence based medicine, which includes affordable and easy access to the entire scope of reproductive health care and quality sex education.
Work on everything in America that contributes to poverty.

Abortion is a symptom of needing to not be pregnant. There are many ways to reduce the need, e.g. contraception, sex education, pre conceptual folic acid, quality health care (before and during pregnancy), eliminating poverty, eliminating domestic violence, etc.

And then there is bodily autonomy. If you say that carrying a pregnancy to term is a requirement because of some notion of life, then every person should be required to donate a kidney and part of a liver to save lives. Pregnancy is invasive.

Any other discussion of abortion that focuses on "baby" and "images" is totally disingenuous. Those are forced birth talking points.

And sex selective abortion? Eliminate misogyny. If you focus on sex selective abortion what you are telling me is the only time a woman matters is when she is a fetus. 

Right now someone is delivering prematurely & the baby will die after birth, like mine. Evidence based measures (esp. access to medical care & eliminating poverty) and ending systemic racism could prevent many of these deliveries and death. Crickets from forced birthers.

The "abortion civil war" only exists in America because a percentage of people want to force birth, they do not care about fetal lives and because punishing women raises $ for political campaigns and gets votes.

Want to end the abortion civil war?
Take abortion out of politics. That is the only way to start. Once it is no longer an effective fundraiser and can't be used in political ads most forced birth politicians won't care.

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