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Mufasa: "Churn."

Simba: "Do you mean the NYT CEO didn't talk about it in the interview?"

Zazu: "He is thinking about though."

Mufasa: "Mark Thompson knows the benefits of lower churn can be nonlinear. Disney+ and others are the same way." 

Simba: "Doesn't the NYT requiring a registration even for free users narrow the top of the funnel?"

Mufasa: "They're trading friction against the value of data they get from registrations. Tren wrote about this on 25iQ. Telemetry's used to increase conversion and lower churn."

Zazu: "Tren also wrote: "A subscription relationship with a customer more naturally creates a valuable connected relationship with the end user. Better data capture via telemetry can lead to a more personalized offering." 

Mufasa: "Law of the savanna."

Rafiki: "Even a few years ago who would have predicted a New York Times CEO bragging in an interview that: 'The lifetime-value/subscriber-acquisition-cost ratio improved.'"

Simba: "What's the best path to lower SAC?"

Rafiki: "You follow ol' Rafiki, he knows the way!"

Mufasa: "The cost of performance marketing is beginning to grow at a discernibly lower rate than revenue is growing. If the Times is spending X on the newsroom to service a base of 5M total subscribers, they're not going to need to spend 2× that on newsroom to serve 10M subs."

Zazu: "The ability to deliver discrete messages to different segments of the subscriber base has convinced the Times they can raise prices for tenured subscribers with low risk of reducing new subscriber growth momentum.”

Rafiki: "As it is written in the telemetry data points."

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