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Still kinda blowing my mind that Jan de Bont's The Haunting and Mike Flanagan's The Haunting of Hill House are both adaptations of the same source material, when they couldn't possibly be further apart from each other.

I went to see that in the cinema when it came out 'cos I was a horror-obsessed kid.

That was same year as House on Haunted Hill, which I greatly preferred because it had a) Geoffrey Rush chewing all of the scenery doing his best Vincent Price impersonation, and b) Jeffrey Combs.

House on Haunted Hill had double the Jeffs, what did the The Haunting have going for it? Aside from Owen Wilson's PJs that is, dude looks impeccably cozy.

You know what? I probably watched that more times than it deserved, but yeah, I totally get that. It also had F. Murray Abraham, and some delightful special effects.

Artist David Romero did an incredible series based on the ghosts themselves earlier this year, it's really something.

I generally prefer more high-brow horror, but quite honestly? Can't beat some entertaining schlockfests now and then.

That reminds me, I unironically loved The Faculty.

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