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Every time I go to somebody’s house, I sneak a photo of their bookshelf.

This one’s pretty good.


Here’s the bookshelf in my room.

Added a couple extra recommendations too.

Here’s the library at @a16z

(h/t @zackkanter and @JakeCahan)


@Alex_Danco has a sweet, sweet library.

Friend’s apartment on Brooklyn.


One of the bookshelves in my room.

Visiting a philosophy major at Columbia University.

Found the best part of my parents’ bookshelf at home. These books were relevant 100 years ago, and 100 years from now, people will still read them.

Books on books on books on books

Snuck into @will_mannon’s room

Switching things up... St. John’s is known for their Great Books program, and here’s what they ask students to read.

This is the kind of reading list you could devote the next decade to.

Last year, I went to a conference where everybody was asked to bring a book and put it on the bookshelf. Then, at the end of the weekend, everybody took one of the books home with them.

My friend has an sweet collection of Oxford introductory books and the Feynman lectures look like a world to themselves

I could spend a year with @nateliason’s collection

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