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A very, very frightening escalation from state media. A massacre threatened through Twitter. Today is one of the most intense days facing Hong Kong. If you’re not following it, you should.

For the first time, Hong Kong police — in addition to the escalations from the state media — are threatening and indicating that they will use live bullets on antiELAB protestors.

This video is unreal. It makes you take a step back and see the fear beneath the black masks.

From a different angle, moments later.

This too, from the night before, is simply jaw dropping.

The Moments team’s play-by-plays from Hong Kong are getting better all of the time. Have to really give them credit for nailing it with this curation and these evolving summaries of events; more timely and in-depth than nearly every other outlet.  https://twitter.com/i/events/1196191790769901568 

Protestors trapped inside PolyU escaped through a two hour trek through Hong Kong’s underground sewer network 😮

WhatsApp, a bucket of ramen, a box of Ventolin to counteract the tear gas, and anything that could possibly be mixed into a petrol bomb. The pictures that have come out in the days since the height of the PolyU siege are a must see.


“Why should we attend classes when there is no future?” Really powerful messages here, from a generation that faces not one, but two, expiration dates. Their future becomes more uncertain as 2047 approaches, w/ their sea-locked home facing a grave certainty as 2100 brings the sea

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