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Sarah Mei
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More accurate headline:

Entitled Asshole Expects City To Look After Private Property He Leaves On Public Land

Part of the problem is that he’s a rich tech executive who is actively contributing to the income inequality that leads to these property crimes, yet instead of addressing that, all he does is demand MORE resources.

Another part of the problem is that our public spaces are WAY too accommodating of rich people - by which I mean car owners.

Public space for parking doesn’t make sense, really. What other private property can we leave unguarded in a public space and expect it to be there on our return?

We should use that space and those resources for better transit, pedestrian, and bike facilities.

If my dude doesn’t want his car broken into, I have two suggestions:

1. Take the bus (Stop flaunting the wealth you extracted from your workers)

2. Do some reading (Look into how you might personally address income inequality in your neighborhood)


Look, I know a lot of y’all aren’t with me on the parking thing - it’s hard to imagine what our world would be like if it wasn’t oriented around cars.

I think about this illustration a lot, from artist Karl Jilg:

It shows just how much of our world we give over to cars.

Then there’s the issue of property crime - a category of crime that stems directly from income inequality.

If you’re a tech CEO who wants less property crime, you should be addressing income inequality.

But this dude is doing the opposite.

He’s demanding (& will likely get, due to his prominence) more enforcement, leading to more incarceration, leading to more income inequality, leading to more property crime.

He’s extracting short term benefit for himself at the expense of long term damage to the community.

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