Janelle Shane @JanelleCShane I blog at aiweirdness.com/. My book "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You" is out now! Research Scientist in optics. she/her. wandering.shop/@janellecshane Nov. 18, 2019 1 min read

Essential free chrome extension detects neural net-written text. Tested it on some samples on  http://aiweirdness.com  and it seems to work!

it correctly (as far as I know) flags these blurbs as human-written

the chrome extension works by seeing how well the neural net gpt-2 can predict the text. it can predict its own text really well.

does it work on all gpt-2-generated text?

seems to fail on this bit from a gpt-2-based dungeon crawling game

even though tensorflow-char-rnn is an entirely different neural net, this gpt-2 based tool correctly flags its harry potter fanfic as neural net-written


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