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Andy Ngô
+ Your AuthorsArchive @MrAndyNgo Author of NYT bestseller “Unmasked”: Editor-at-large @TPostMillennial. Nov. 20, 2019 7 min read

One of the most frequent questions I get is: "Who is in antifa?" Militant antifa groups have secret memberships, but arrest records from riots provide a data set to investigate who is part of movement. I will post public arrest photos here as an on-going project. #AntifaMugshots

At a glance, those arrested at antifa riots are overwhelmingly white & male. There also seems to be a disproportionate amount who identify as queer, non-binary and/or trans. All the information I post is available publicly, either from arrest records or the media. #AntifaMugshots

Naomi G. Seraphina, a 42-year-old transsexual fortune teller and Rose City Antifa militant, was arrested in Portland, Ore. at a riot in Sept. 2017. She was charged with interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct in the second degree. #AntifaMugshots

Robert J. Majure, 27, was arrested and charged with harassment and resisting arrest in Aug. 2018 at a riot in Portland, Ore. He hurled buckets of horse sex lubricant at police officers. He was convicted and sentenced to five days in jail. #AntifaMugshots

David Pugh, 37, was arrested for allegedly interfering with a police officer at an antifa riot in Portland, Ore. in Nov. 2016.

Thousands of people protested and rioted in Portland for days after the presidential election results were known. #AntifaMugshots

Gary Fresquez, 52, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree and two counts of interfering with an officer at an antifa riot in Portland, Ore. in Nov. 2018. #AntifaMugshots

Caitlin Boyle, a 27-year-old from Oakland, was arrested for allegedly working with others to commit a crime in Aug. 2018 at an antifa riot in Berkeley, Cal. #AntifaMugshots

Joseph Alcoff was arrested & charged w/felony aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation & other charges for allegedly mob beating 2 Latino men in Philadelphia in Nov. 2018 at an antifa riot. Alcoff worked in DC politics by day while part of an extremist group. #AntifaMugshots

Randal Lee Smith, 38, was arrested & charged with interfering with a police officer at an antifa riot in Portland in Nov. 2016. #AntifaMugshots

Kristen Edith Koster, 50, was arrested at an antifa riot in Berkeley in Aug. 2018 for alleged possession of dangerous, banned weapons. The riot saw dozens of cars damaged & fires started in the street. Three were injured when lit fireworks were thrown at police. #AntifaMugshots

Chynna Marie Draeger, 24, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree at an antifa riot in Portland in Nov. 2016. #AntifaMugshots

Damion Zachary Feller, a 23-year-old antifa militant, was sentenced to 5 years in prison related to a violent May Day riot in 2017 in Portland. Feller tried to set a police cruiser on fire by throwing flares inside. He also started a fire inside a downtown Target. #AntifaMugshots

Samuel John Wick Kusaj III, 20, wore a mask as he smashed windows & cars in Nov. 2016 in Portland. He also punched people & threatened them with rocks. He was sentenced to only 30 days in jail. In court, he said he was driven by a fear of Trump being elected. #AntifaMugshots

Tyler Hans Larsen, 37, was charged w/disorderly conduct in 2nd degree during a violent antifa riot on May Day 2017 in Portland. Businesses were smashed & militants started fires. Larsen was convicted on another offence & fined $265, which he has failed to pay. #AntifaMugshots

Lucy Elizabeth Smith, a 35-year-old transsexual antifa militant, has been arrested numerous times in Portland at riots & violent protests. In March 2017, she was charged for strangling a man (while masked) during a BLM protest in downtown. #AntifaMugshots

Rachel Violet Visco, 34, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree at a violent antifa May Day riot in 2017 in Portland. Visco has been arrested at least 60 times in Ore. and Wash. state. #AntifaMugshots

Prosecutors accuse Thomas J. Massey, a 34-year-old antifa militant from Philadelphia, of being part of a violent antifa mob that beat, maced & robbed two Latino men in Nov. 2018. He finally faces trial on 30 March, 2020. #AntifaMugshots

Thomas P. Keenan, a 34-year-old antifa leader from Philadelphia, was allegedly part of a mob that beat two Latino men in Nov. 2018. He is charged w/ethnic intimidation, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats & more. He faces trial on 30 March, 2020. #AntifaMugshots

Linwood M. Kaine, the son of Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), was convicted for his role in an antifa riot at the Minn. state Capitol in March 2017. Kaine was part of a group that maced people, set off fires & smoke bombs inside. He was sentenced to one year of probation. #AntifaMugshots

Calvin James Megginson, 29, of Pittsboro, NC, was arrested & charged with inciting a riot in Oct. 2019 at an antifa protest demanding the removal of a confederate statue. Megginson was arrested again in Nov. for allegedly assaulting a woman at another protest. #AntifaMugshots

Sarah Pugh, 38, was convicted for her role in the antifa May Day riot in 2017 in Portland that saw parts of downtown set on fire. Antifa threw rocks & incendiary devices at police. Pugh pleaded guilty to felony charges of arson & rioting. She only got probation. #AntifaMugshots

Nicholas James Armstrong/Nikki Jameson is a Seattle-area transsexual antifa militant who was arrested yesterday & charged with reckless endangerment. She also has a criminal record in Idaho, where this booking photo is from. More details:  #AntifaMugshots

Alexander G. Dial, aka "BETA CUCK 4 LYFE," was filmed in Aug. at a Portland riot beating people w/weapons. He was indicted for felony riot, felony assault, unlawful use of a stun gun or tear gas & fourth-degree assault. #AntifaMugshots More details & pics: 

Luis Enrique Marquez, 47, has been arrested & charged numerous times at antifa riots in the Portland-area. As one of the most active members of Rose City Antifa, Marquez has been recorded violently confronting people. More details & pics:  #AntifaMugshots

Ericka Nora Sokolower-Shain, a 29-year-old self-described “gender-variant” non-binary person & one-time HuffPo writer, was detained by Berkeley Police at a violent antifa riot in Aug. 2018 for allegedly having a banned weapon. More details:  #AntifaMugshots

Hannah Cathryn Baker, a 29-year old convicted felon, was part of a violent antifa mob at Mich. State in March 2018 who rioted in response to Richard Spencer. Baker was armed w/a hidden knife, baton, brass knuckles & more. Full info + pics:  #AntifaMugshots

Daniel Lee Garrett, 46, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree at an antifa riot in Portland in November 2016. Garrett was arrested three times within a span of three weeks in late 2016. More details:  #AntifaMugshots

Kyle Jurek, 38, was arrested last week in Iowa & charged w/drunk driving, possessing drug paraphernalia & more. Jurek is a field organizer for Sanders campaign. He was recorded by @Project_Veritas calling for political violence. #AntifaMugshots. More info: 

Raina Christine Legrand, 25, was part of a black bloc mob that rioted outside a jail in Pittsburgh in March 2017. They hurled rocks, attacked law enforcement & tried to start fires using firecrackers. One of them had a gun. Full details:  #AntifaMugshots

Billy Ellison, now-21, was arrested & charged in connection with the Nov. 2016 Portland antifa riots. He was found carrying a large knife & a gas mask when he was arrested at the Inauguration Day 2017 riot, police say. More details:  #Antifamugshots

Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 24, was arrested & charged in Austin, Texas during a violent antifa protest against Trump’s election at the state capitol in November 2016. Lauber was part of a group of masked militants with the Red Guards Austin, according to police. #AntifaMugshots

John Robert Martin, a 32-year-old Grand Rapids resident, was arrested & charged at an antifa riot at Michigan State in March 2018. 13 others were charged with felonies for carrying concealed weapons and fighting with police. More details:  #AntifaMugshots

Andres Gonzalez, now-36, of Oakland, was arrested & charged w/5 counts of carrying an illegal weapon at the antifa riot in Berkeley in August 2018. Hundreds of far-left protesters amassed to counter an anti-Marxism rally. They set a car on fire & smashed windows. #AntifaMugshots

Antonio S. Zamora, 33, was recorded appearing to try & drag someone off a bus at a Portland riot in Aug '19. Wearing a rainbow mask, he was also filmed attempting to smash window of a 2nd bus. He has been indicted on a felony charge & more.  #AntifaMugshots

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