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Iraq has imposed a wide scale social media blockade since Oct 2, and that appears to have been lifted today. Amidst the demonstrations, the country is coming back online today.

Iran, too, appears to be in-part reconnecting right now. Parallel to the demonstrations, 2019 has been a record setting year of Internet blackouts. Today we witness reversals, but know that they are temporary — this is the future, & the slack only tightens

The ICOs have wound down, and many that had advocated for decentralization and Internet freedoms are laying on a Bali beach right now. Now is when those protocols, and the reinvention of the Internet's foundations, matter. Now is when we need the next-generation mesh networks.

When those Hongkongers became trapped inside of PolyU this past weekend, they attempted a massive AirDrop campaign. They turned to Bluetooth to reach past the siege. It was ultimately too late, but like their own, AirDrop's future now remains questionable.

Many of those crypto anarchists have spent the last 2 yrs rappelling though gray areas to the Zugs & Caymans. It's unfortunate that greed blinded many to what matters, to the WhatsApp & AirDrop escapes, risking it all in hopes of rappelling into a future.

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