Garry() @garrytan Constructor, takes no arguments — @initialized Nov. 22, 2019 1 min read

Honestly I am absolutely terrified of people who don’t believe in market economies because those are the people who turned my grandparents into refugees from China, and my mom’s family into refugees from Myanmar

20th century was not kind to my ancestors, and history repeats

At the risk of poking the vast anonymous troll army, look at this insane thread that denies the California housing crisis has its roots in supply

Look at the number of likes and retweets

My god, this stuff is just wrong, it’s like antivaxxing.

4 years ago we saw this on the right, so I suppose it's inescapable that the left would just go ahead and mimic what works.

I just got called a bootlicker— I guess this is the left's version of calling people cucks.

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