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Sarah Mei
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PSA: There is currently no way for web components to be accessible if you use the isolation feature (called “shadow dom”).

Isolate the label from the input field, for example, & you break all the assistive technology - which requires they be tied together with ids.

There will eventually be a plan for dealing with accessibility across web component isolation boundaries, but the discussion is in the early stages, and we’re not likely to see consensus for several years.

Until then, isolation via shadow dom is a nonstarter.

So when you see all this stuff about how using web components can isolate your changes and take the cascading out of the CSS - mentally add “in 2-3 years” to all the claims.

There are other reasons besides isolation to use web components - such as performance, potentially, if you’re removing layers of framework code.

I suspect that over time we as an industry will realize that isolation boundaries aren’t useful around every single atomic component.

We will, in effect, re-derive Conway’s Law from first principles, & end up with those boundaries higher - around the components owned by a team.

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