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"[Wendy's] said it planned to open 2 delivery-focused locations in the U.S. by the end of the year... The Halal Guys, Sweetgreen, & Chick-fil-A have partnered w/ leading ghost-kitchen brand Kitchen United to offer delivery out of a shared commercial"  https://www.businessinsider.com/chick-fil-a-wendys-ghost-kitchens-growth-2019-10 

It's pretty astonishing how quickly the dark/ghost kitchen model appears to be catching on. Not surprised that it's happening, but am surprised that it's the big guys that are first leaning in, especially considering so many are largely just real-estate companies under the hood.

I also wonder what the efficient dark McDonalds delivered by Uber Eats will mean for the American diet. We all hear this a lot now: "I cut out Postmates and lost a ton of weight." The food deserts will keep growing, and it's those cheap-food ghost kitchens that will fill the gap.

GKs also offer a lot of opportunity to improve food quality and solve these health epidemics plaguing the country, but that will more likely be the case only in wealthy urban markets. With higher cost rural delivery, cheap food becomes the only option — even when those drones hit

If the coastal flight and economic vaccum continues like it is, and it will, we're more likely in for a world where McDonalds and Dollar General dominate rural markets at a magnitude greater than we can imagine right now. And there will be consequences.

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