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Led Zeppelin is terrible & unoriginal even for their genres (but I listen to them infrequently for nostalgia only)

Rush actually has a handful of truly great songs (Xanadu, La Villa Strangiato) despite their Ayn Rand nonsense & Geddy Lee's bad vocals

By "a handful" I really mean just a few songs. Most of Rush's output was terrible, but a few were truly great songs like Xanadu, & I don't care how dorky that sounds

I guess my other "most controversial" music opinion is that classic punk rock is f*ing terrible, all of it. 1980-style heavy metal was also terrible, but I like more contemporary progressive metal (Opeth, Tool, etc.)

Some of my actual favorite music:
Avishai Cohen
Elliott Smith
Esbjorn Svensson
Herbie Hancock
Jeff Buckley
King Crimson
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Mars Volta
Miles Davis
My Bloody Valentine
Pat Metheny
Porcupine Tree
Sonny Rollins
Smashing Pumpkins
The Who

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