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The unfortunate flaw in Snap's open directory. It allows these phishers and extortionists to crawl and cross-reference search with other available datasets.

Those clean datasets featuring aggregated fingerprinting and social media profiles, like the 1.2 billion record dump from People Data Labs that was reported yesterday, is making this far easier. PDL might go bankrupt, but the data won't be destroyed ♻️🌐

Like we saw in the case of Facebook's phone number search, which was actually really useful for normal users, any data that is remotely accessible will make its way off of the platform. Snap's circle is tighter, but the malicious bot farms are trying hard. We can't build these.

Don't want to say this is the case for Snap (bc Idk), but there are table stakes around contact book syncing that the industry needs to improve. We overweight the authenticity of user-data; those syncs are a high-bandwidth backdoor for bad actors to validate & grow these datasets

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