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I wonder what percentage of those DAUs across these dating platforms are just these ghostly maybe-a-robot fauxprofiles. It feels higher each day.

Apps Exposed has done great work exposing how fauxprofiles don't stop at the big players. There is an *industry* of organized crime operating a disparate network of dating apps w/ zero real profiles. Hijacked developer accounts vacuuming up IAPs & data


These companies and ~ actual organized crime ~ use App Store tracking services to spot developer accounts that let their membership succumb or remove apps for other reasons, then attempt to purchase their apps (aka account) to masquerade as their TIN.

Apple’s follow-up after a business and their TIN has been verified isn’t very sophisticated. Your company’s status can lapse in public fillings and it doesn’t hit their radar. They’re improving, but these account takeovers are still happening.

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