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In this CNN piece, Alexandra Chalupa confirms that events are just as I described them in my pinned thread. Anyone confused about what I did/didn't say in that thread should read the thread—my curatorial journalism is consistent with all public US reports. 

1/ In my thread I underscored that Chalupa wasn't asked by the DNC to contact Ukraine's embassy; that much if not all the info she got at the Ukrainian embassy was *public* info; and that it was focused on Manafort—not Trump. I *agree* that the GOP has *lied* about these events.

2/ I also *itemized* the ways Trump's defense will *lie* or *mislead* about Chalupa's *self-admitted* activities—i.e. the ones that really happened. I *also* said that Trump will try to use *any* evidence of a Ukraine-Chalupa-DNC communication channel in his defense. And he will.

3/ There's a concerted effort to turn *any* public discourse about the defense Trump plans to run—even a thread that relies on confirmed nonpartisan major-media reporting, even a thread aimed at *debunking* Trump's defense—as a chance to accuse people of spreading disinformation.

4/ I'm confident folks can read/RT my pinned thread and see once they've read it how carefully it distinguishes between GOP/Kremlin propaganda and information that nonpartisan major-media reporting—and Chalupa herself!—confirm as accurate (even if, at times, unfavorable to them).

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