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Let me be clear, I have absolutely no time for entertaining transphobic "concerns" about trans people using toilets, and will just straight up block folks playing devil's advocate for such anti-trans arguements.

Cis women aren't afraid of trans women; they routinely assault us.

I've spoken before about how early in my transition, I've had my breasts groped quite painfully, and even my crotch grabbed at, while using the women's bathroom. I know few trans women who haven't experienced similar assaults when minding their own business, all from cis women.

When asking trans people to entertain those arguments, you're asking us to accept the sneering pretence of "concern" from those that have felt so emboldened by our dehumanisation, that they will just sexually assault us to check if we're "real" or not.

And that can f*ck off.

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